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Information for private individuals

Are you looking for cleaning helpers, tutors, babysitters, gardening or moving helpers?

In the local stellenwerk job portals, you can advertise your private part-time jobs in the "Private individuals" section free of charge and without registration. This offer applies exclusively to private individuals and job offers with a purely private or non-commercial background.

To the local stellenwerk job portals

If you are an entrepreneur (also freelancer, association or organization) and want to place an ad, you can use the area for companies.

Please note that job ads are only activated from Monday to Friday.

  • Deleting/terminating the ad: All ads expire automatically after 28 days. If you would like to end the term of the ad before then, you can do this yourself via a link in the e-mail you receive confirming the publication of your ad.
  • Our tip: To increase your chances of receiving applications, choose a meaningful title for your ad and specify the job location as precisely as possible.
  • Important: We would like to point out that private side jobs must also be registered with the Minijob-Zentrale and paid at least the legal minimum wage

Note for founders who are still looking for co-founders

In the section "Private persons" there is a category "Who is co-founding? On the local stellenwerk job portals, you can advertise your co-founding requests there free of charge.