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Dunkelhäutiger Student in Porträtansicht, sitzt auf einer Treppe. Rechts und links von ihm sind Beine andere Menschen zu sehen, die die Treppe auf und absteigen.

Career Day is an annual career orientation and career planning event held at the Career Center of the University of Hamburg. You can introduce yourself as an employer and get to know selected candidates in a personal interview. The Career Center offers you the ideal backdrop for meeting interested undergraduates and graduates. The supporting programme includes panel discussions and lectures.

  • Maximum event capacity: 24 companies
  • 1 90-minute discussion round with 4 - 10 participants (depending on target group)
  • 2020 for the first time as online event via zoom
  • from 289.00 Euro per discussion round

The recruiting events are announced on the homepage, in the newsletter  and in the social media channels of the Career Center, as well as on other university advertising spaces and on

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Information and registration

Catharina Türling | Key Accounts
Phone: +49 40 / 428 38 - 88 87

upcoming event:
1. + 2. December 2020