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Student in Porträtansicht, lächelnd mit wallendem, dunklem Haar und blau-weiß kariertem Hemd, im Hintergrund die Glasfront eines Gebäudes.

With stellenwerk you are guaranteed to appeal to the next generation of academics

University recruiting directly on campus

You can place customised postings with stellenwerk: locally at a university location, in regional and national combinations or nationally in the entire network. Choose from three different posting formats. Find more information in our price list.

Awarded the mark "very good": in the category "Students, Graduates and Young Professionals" stellenwerk received the renowned "Germany's Best Job Portals" seal of quality in September 2017. With the highest degree of satisfaction and a recommendation rate of over 94 percent among applicants and employers, stellenwerk was awarded 5 stars. Find more information on the awarded seal of quality here.

Price list

The stellenwerk University Job Portals are accessed by 270,000 unique users every month. This generates 620,000 sessions and more than 2.6 million page impressions per month (Ø 2019). Find more information in  our current  price list.

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Local booking

You would like to place your job posting for student assistants, interns or graduates at a single university? You can post an ad on or on the local job portal at the respective university location:

Berlin | Bochum | Bonn-Rhein-Sieg | CologneDarmstadt | Dortmund | Dusseldorf | Erlangen-Nuremberg | GöttingenHamburg | Koblenz-Landau | Lübeck | Mainz | Stuttgart | Wuppertal


Regional booking

Book in two or more job portals in combination and save up to 15% compared to individual bookings. Select the desired portals from the regions while placing your order.

Region North:
Berlin | GöttingenHamburg | Lübeck
Region South:
Darmstadt | Erlangen-Nuremberg | Stuttgart
Region Rhineland-Palatinate/Hesse:
Darmstadt | Koblenz-Landau | Mainz
Region North Rhine-Westphalia:
Bochum | Bonn-Rhein-Sieg | Cologne | Dortmund | Dusseldorf | Wuppertal


National booking

Find more than just students and graduates in your region. With the nationwide combination package, your job posting appears on all 15 stellenwerk Job Portals with just one click – and you save over 30% compared to individual bookings. With a basic posting you can reach a quarter of a million students at 15 university locations for just 450 Euros (plus VAT).