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stellenwerk portals overview on map of Germany

The university job portal

stellenwerk is the official job portal of 17 universities across Germany and the studierendenWERK BERLIN. Here you will find student assistants,
working students, interns, trainees.

On campus in one click

Your job posting at stellenwerk reaches over 270,000 unique user and 2.6 million PIs per month. (Ø 2019). You are guaranteed to find the next generation of academics graduates from all departments
directly on campus.

local | regional | national

stellenwerk offers you three different ad formats in many possible combinations for your recruitment: local, regional or 14 locations nationwide.

For employers

Personnel recruitment directly on campus: Post your job offer for students and graduates quickly and easily.

Fünf junge Menschen sitzen auf einem hoch gelegenen Balken und betrachten lächelnd ihre Handys.

Employer branding with stellenwerk network

Boost your image as an attractive employer on the stellenwerk job portals: Employer branding at colleges and universities appeals to students even before they become a sought-after target group for graduates. Use our diverse employer branding opportunities.

Employer Branding

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stellenwerk Recruiting Events: Job Fair and stellenwerk Career

Present yourself as an attractive employer directly on campus with our recruiting events, and get in touch with qualified undergraduates and graduates. Attract tomorrow's top performers at the stellenwerk Job Fair in Bochum and Hamburg, or at our individual recruiting events in cooperation with the Career Center of the University of Hamburg.  

Recruiting Events

Newsletter for companies

Promotions, discounts, news and more. Subscribe to the stellenwerk corporate newsletter.